Price list

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We are here for you

In KOALA we try to adapt to your lifestyle. Choose an admission based on how often you want to attend our kindergarten, or select an irregular attendance and we will offer you a customized plan.


Full day

Full month (20 days)

11 000 CZK (550 CZK/day)

10 days

6 200 CZK (620 CZK/day)

1 day

750 CZK

Half-day attendance

Full month (20 days)

8 000 CZK (400 CZK/day)

10 days

4 400 CZK (440 CZK/day)


1 day

550 CZK

Prices include​ meals, art/music classes and other activities.

The monthly rate also corresponds to twenty entries, which can be selected at any time
within 30 business days of the beginning of the schooling / invoice.

We will move unused attendance from one month to the first 2 weeks of the following month.

We will accept your second child in kindergarten with a 50% discount (for siblings).

All our services can be covered by Benefit, Benefit Plus, Sodexo program.